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Lakeside Hypnotherapy

Specializing in Eliminating Fears & Phobias or Old Trauma

Group Meditation & Hypnotherapy

$120 base price for one person per session.

-For general meditation, add $5 per person. (see below)

-For group hypnotherapy, add $20 per person. Divide the total by the number of your family, team or group in the session.

Group Meditation for the purpose of relaxation, may help with sleep and general focus and feeling of well-being. You will love the sensation of deep relaxation. For some, it is a feeling of drifting or floating. For many it feels like you are actually part of the story, like walking through a peaceful forest and smelling the cedar trees or enjoying swimming with dolphins or floating through the colours of a rainbow etc. You can use the time to focus on something other than the pressures and stresses of day-to-day living and find peacefulness to carry with you through your day, to feel more grounded. The time will take about 1.5 hours. Approximately one hour will be the meditation itself.

Group Hypnotherapy work is more economical and wonderfully successful for many people who want to make a bigger change in their lives. As above and includes a focus that is more precise and directed therefore it takes a bit more time and more definition from you about what you want to achieve as a group

Group sessions with hypnotherapy work really well for...

Weight Loss,

Family Communication,

Work Dynamics,

Increasing Sales,

Better Sleep,

Letting go of Anger/Stress,

Sports Team Skills,

Kinder Verbal Supports

Blending Families

Motivation to Get Things Done

Study Skills

Social Media Addiction

Your Religious/Spiritual Focus or Connections

Past Life Regression

Increase Kindness & Acceptance

Letting Go of Work Trauma(E.R., police etc)

Expecting Positive Outcomes


Hypnotherapy group-work compared to Meditation is more focused and specific in language and the sessions are a little longer, usually closer to 2 hours.

(Not available for fears or phobias or Smoking Cessation)

Children from age 8 and up are welcome (with parent/caregiver) so long as the child can sit quietly for up to 45 minutes.

FREE Introductory to Hypnosis/Meditation

Would you like your team to know what is possible?

I would love to come to your space, or if you prefer, I can supply a quiet space in my office, if you have a group of 8 or more. I will explain the difference between Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis and Meditation and some of the successes I have had. I will also teach you a few self-hypnosis techniques and you can experience a short, 25-minute group meditation with a focus on your sport, your family, your teamwork, increased sales etc.

This can be shared with friends, teams, co-workers, classrooms etc. 1.5 - 2 hours of time is required.

This is a teaching/training introductory rather than a full meditation/hypnotherapy session.