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Lakeside Hypnotherapy

Specializing in Eliminating Fears & Phobias or Old Trauma

Upcoming Sessions

Group Guided Meditation is very safe and relaxing. You will NEVER be asked to offer any private information or perform any "stage hypnosis tricks." Everyone sits back in a comfortable recliner and if you like, you can have a blanket. You will close your eyes and listen to relaxing story. Nobody wants anything. No one needs anything. This time is just for you to relax and feel better.  

$15 each or $10 each when you bring a friend. Partial proceeds go to Streethope Christian Ministry to help people who live on the street to find a better life. 

RSVP your spot so you can feel better soon.  

Sunday October 28, 10:30-11:30am

Sleep Better

This meditation will help you to feel peaceful and relaxed and clear your mind of the busy thoughts so you can just sleep when it is time to sleep.

This is the last session in the series. Sessions may start up again in the spring.

Call Teya Graves CHt,

to reserve your spot 604-703-9201

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