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Lakeside Hypnotherapy

Specializing in Eliminating Fears & Phobias or Old Trauma


Dr. Alfred Barrios

studied over 2000

journal articles to find

the following

recovery rates:

I am most proud, to help you achieve your best results, with as few sessions as possible. My goal, is your fastest success.

Smoking Cessation has a separate price. Please see below

Individual sessions          $120

Packages to compound your success:

2 sessions $220      ($110 each - savings of $20)

3 sessions $315      ($105 each - savings of $45) most popular

4 sessions $400      ($100 each - savings of $80)

5 sessions $475      ( $95 each - savings of $125)

Package upgrade difference, can be paid within 24 hours of our first session or at your first session. You will have a good idea right away, about how easily you relax and accept the hypnotic suggestions to get exactly what you want in as few sessions as possible. 90% of the people I see, do really well with 3 sessions. A few do well with less, and occasionally, people need a little more with multiple or more complex issues. People who can visualize, feel, hear and even smell the things I describe, tend to usually have the fastest success. People with a lot of resistance, tend to need a little more support to reach their success. Everyone can have success. Sometimes people come back in a few months to work on something else. For this, I am truly grateful.

Some possibilities...

Remove Attachment to Trauma

This is my favourite hypnotherapy. It is a freedom you deserve!

Many people live with PTSD or too much pain from childhood hurts. In a supportive, Hypnotic state, listen and focus your mind, as I say to you, "in the privacy of your own mind, release attachment to anything you feel no longer serves or protects you." In a relaxed state, with your subconscious understanding raised, we can empower the survivor, to feel powerful and triumphant. Cross over from feeling like a victim on the inside, to feeling confident, powerful, triumphant and worthy of self-love and the love of others. 

Eliminate ANY Fear or Phobia

I love guiding people to eliminate unwanted Fears and Phobias, usually in as little as three sessions. 

Flying, Heights, Needles, Blood, Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, Public Bathrooms, Germs, Vomit, Driving, Bridges, Tunnels, Traffic, Spiders, Snakes, Dogs, Clowns, Relationships, the Dark, Failure, Success, Being Alone, Being in Crowds, Butterflies, Rodents, Public Speaking, Job Interviews, School Tests, Agoraphobia, etc.

Imagine your Freedom, without the restrictions of fear.

Weight Loss

These are some of the changes you can make to your subconscious beliefs about food and exercise:

-Desire Healthy Foods

-Feel Full Faster

-Increase Metabolism

-Leave Food on Your Plate

-Increase Desire & Enjoyment in Exercise

-Dislike Junk Foods or Fatty Foods

-Stop Emotional Eating

-Automatically Choose Healthy Comforts/Rewards

-Love Yourself

-Release Feelings of Anger and Disgust

-Release Hurt/Protection From Past Abuse

You CAN believe that chocolate or ice cream is unappealing and you can believe that the weight is falling away and you can believe that you only want small portions of healthy foods. We can strengthen your Subconscious thoughts and beliefs at your very first visit.

-Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery (Min. 4 or up to 6 sessions)

Includes 1-2 sessions from above list to make sure you are eating healthy food. Then one session for the hypnotic surgery and 2-3 more for adjustments to tighten or loosen the Virtual Gastric Band. Your brain will believe that you had surgery. 

You will feel a tightness in your belly as if you had the surgery.  

You will ONLY be able to eat small healthy portions of food.

Stop Smoking 2 sessions $440 3 sessions $550 

$100 Reward back to you after 2 months, smoke-free

Because smoking has a feeling of instant reward, even though it is so harmful, I have included a very tangible reward for you, built into the program. Use it wisely and you will double the rewards quickly.

Smoking programs are much more involved and require longer and more specific focus than other hypnotherapies. The program includes a few recordings on a CD or audio uploads for your phone for bedtime, coffee breaks or while working. Some recordings are for resting quietly while others can be used while fully conscious.

The need for 2 or 3 sessions will be determined by your smoking a lot, a little, having smoked for many years or just a few or if you have successfully quit in the past or have never quit.

If you are finally fed up and want to be free, this will give you the strength and focus to finally quit without the usual cravings and frustration and food replacements.  

To increase success, before coming in, stop your favourite cigarette first. If your favourite is with coffee in the morning or if it is after supper, stop that ONE cigarette for 2 weeks before coming in. Don't try to outwit the process by saying you are just postponing it. Say you quit it; you stopped it. That way when you come in for hypnotherapy, I can speak directly to the already proven success of being able to stop one and how accomplished and capable you are. It will tie in to the rest of the change that you want to make, while being anchored to the change you have made. Sound easy? It's meant to be easy.

The average smoker spends between $300 and $600 every month. It won't take long to be able to reward yourself with the things you really want. 

Other Private Therapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy can quickly target and improve the areas of your life that require the most attention. One to six sessions may be required depending on your personal needs. Savings plans for multiple sessions, if required, will be discussed at consultation.

You might be pleasantly surprised with the limitless options. Here are a few areas that are most commonly used with great success:

✓Anxiety Reduction/Elimination.

✓Increased Sales Focus,

✓Quit Drinking/Drug Addiction,

✓Sleep Better Every Night,

✓Stop Gag Reflex -Pills

✓Lower Cholesterol

✓Lower Blood Pressure,

✓Control Diabetes,

✓Control Irritable Bowel Syndrome,

✓Bladder Strengthening,

✓Stop Snoring,

✓Stop Stuttering,

✓Reduce Side Effects of Chemotherapy,

✓Reduce Symptoms of PMS or Menopause,

✓Control Pain or Phantom Pain,

✓Reduce Migraines or Headaches,

✓Stop Bulimia or Anorexia,

✓Turn Around Dyslexia,

✓Reduce ADHD Symptoms,

✓Improve Fertility,

✓Stop Morning Sickness,

✓Pain-free Childbirth,

✓Baby Bonding,

✓Patient and Calm Parenting,

✓Improve Family Communication,

✓Stop Thumb-sucking,

✓Stop Bed-wetting,

✓Improve Children's Fears, Confidence, Appetite or Sleep,

✓Improve Team Sports,

✓Excel in ANY Sport,

✓Dynamic Public Speaking,

✓Improve Study and Concentration Skills,

✓Enjoy Homework or Schoolwork,

✓Eliminate Depression,

✓Eliminate/Reduce Stress,

✓Increase Self-Confidence,

✓Release Attachment to Past Trauma,

✓Relieve Guilt,

✓Release Attachment to Past Love,

✓Release Negative Thinking Patterns,