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Lakeside Hypnotherapy

Specializing in Eliminating Fears & Phobias or Old Trauma

Hypnosis is a Safe, Natural, State of Being.

Your conscious mind thinks in words and has many forms of busy thought throughout the day. Your subconscious mind does NOT think in words. It tries to sort out protections and feelings and instincts. It's the part of you that gets goosebumps or shivers or makes the hair on your arms stand up or makes your heart beat, sometimes very loud and fast. It is 90- 95% of who you are.

The subconscious mind will form a "feeling" and will "protect" you with fear or perceived reward even when you consciously don't want that fear or perceived reward. This can be observed in fears, smoking, over-eating, success, relationships etc. There are thousands of ways that the subconscious mind, can get misaligned from time to time.

Deep mental relaxation, (similar to focused prayer, meditation or watching a good movie,) when combined with guided visualizations by a trained professional, helps the powerful subconscious mind to easily absorb the changes that you desire.

Since the deeper mind is the root cause of most problems whether it is a phobia, personal limitations (sports, relationship, money,) even pain or disease, a state of anxiety or a constant craving for cigarettes, changing your subconscious mind will change your life in ways you only imagined before.

Subconscious thought are the thoughts that you don't even know you have. Your subconscious mind's job is to protect you. It does not have the critical reasoning ability of your conscious mind and does not always know the difference between what is good for you compared to what feels good. For instance, the subconscious mind might try to protect you from feeling bad, if you try to quit smoking, drinking, overeating etc. With trained help, while in a deep subconscious state, you can teach your subconscious mind, how to take care of you in new, healthier ways.

Our attention is usually occupied by a multitude of plans and evaluations in life. Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic state of focused attention that can be profoundly and quickly successful in making change to the other 90% of the mind, where other therapies in the past may have failed or just taken too long.

Hypnotherapy is natural. We go into a slowing down brain wave state, many times a day. Usually, we do not use this state to our benefit. Hypnotherapy does this. We use the same state of mind you use when reading a book, daydreaming, watching TV or those times you drove home and don't remember the know that state of mind. We use that same state of dreamy wandering, to focus your subconscious to align with your conscious desires.